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With so many people taking photos on their cell phones these days, digital scrapbooking is gaining popularity. Scrapbook die hards are finding it more affordable to design their own albums and have them printed professionally. PhotoGallery offers affordable, professional printing options for digital scrapbookers.

Everything is created online. The tools are easy to use. Templates, complete with backgrounds and photo layouts, are pre-designed and ready to use.

PhotoGallery goes beyond preserving precious memories. The site also offers:

Photogalley: What makes it different?

Advantages of using PhotoGalley for digital scrapbooking and other publishing needs include:

  • Projects are created completely online. There is no software to download.
  • Pre-designed templates, with professional looking backgrounds and layouts are available. This is a huge time saver. It is also a big plus for people who do not consider themselves creative, but want to look like they are! They have several categories to choose from.
  • Option to upload a photo ready PDF copy of a book.
  • Easy to use: simply upload photos, then drag and drop them to your project.
  • Option to create and share projects online for free.
  • Social networking aspect: Community section - meet other people who use the PhotoGalley. Share tips and ideas. View friends' projects.
  • Stock images, like clip art, available to use as "stickers" or embellishments in the project for customization.
Photogalley vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Photogalley)

Competitors for PhotoGalley include SnapFish,  Shutterfly, and ScrappingSimply.

All four sites offer free photo storage and some kind of social sharing aspect. Users can control who can see which photos on all of the sites. With today's privacy concerns, this is a necessity.

While ScrappingSimply does offer multiple options as far as output size, they are geared primarily toward scrapbooks. ScrappingSimply does not have the same range of products as the other sites. On the other hand, PhotoGalley, SnapFish, and Shutterfly offer a variety of products for print. SnapFish and Shutterfly have more options than PhotoGalley, such as gift items. These items include mugs, mouse pads, and similar gift items. Custom iPhone cases are even available at Shutterfly.

PhotoGalley, SnapFish, and Shutterly all offer easy, drag and drop function. This is done completely online. They also offer professionally designed backgrounds and layouts. ScrappingSimply requires a download of their software. However, the software is free of charge.

Shutterfly has an app for iPhone and iPad. SnapFish has a mobile version of their site.  PhotoGalley and ScrappingSimply do not offer these features at this time.

Photogalley: Pricing & packages

There is a wide variety of products available for printing at PhotoGalley and its competitors. Here is a price comparison of common items purchased from this type of site:

8 1/2" x 11", 12 month calendar:

  • PhotoGalley -Smallest size is 12" x 9", prices start at $16.95 for one copy. Price drops as more copies are ordered. 
  • Snapfish -starting at $18.99
  • Shutterfly-starting at $21.99
  • ScrappingSimply - not available

12 x 12 Scrapbooks, 20 pages:

  • PhotoGalley - Starts at $34.95
  • Snapfish - Hardcover only, starts at $49.99
  • Shutterfly- Hardcover only, starts at $54.99
  • ScrappingSimply - Starts at $34.99

8 1/2" x 11" Notebook:

  • PhotoGalley - Starts at $13.95. The more units ordered, the lower the price. 
  • Snapfish - Starts at $9.99.
  • Shutterfly- Starts at $12.99
  • ScrappingSimply - Not Available

Prices listed are the base price. Special offers are frequently available. Price does not include shipping as that can vary by shipping address.

Photogalley: Product images & screenshots
Photogalley Coupons
Photogalley: Customer reviews & comments

Here is some customer feedback, from the site's FaceBook page:

Mark Trimeloni says, "Instant Publisher is the real deal. Took about 7 days from when I ordered my book to getting the copies delivered right to my door. Looks great and I'll definitely be back for more."

Barbara Riley reports, "This is how I self-published my book!"

Live Wyre Fyre suggests, "Be your own boss...PUBLISH your manuscripts & SELL THEM!!!"

Bonnie Cother says, "I used this company to print Master of Errol Flynns Yacht Zaca Captain Patrick C. Cother. I have been extremely pleased with the response from the public over the result of using this company. I encourage everyone to check them out."

Washington Stevens had this to say: "I have not as yet utilize this service; but from the information allocated at this website I would gladly recommend to all my friends intending to put their work of art to print."

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Comments (2)

I'll have to try this for my cookbook.  I have looked into other printing options, which are prohibitively expensive because of all the color photos.  Thanks for this review.

Ranked #33 in

You're welcome, Sharla! Be sure to let me know when your cookbook comes out!

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