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Www.mypublisher.com Website Review & Ratings + MyPublisher Coupons

The company MyPublisher is well-established in the commercial and personal photo print industry. They began operation in 1995 and they have grown exponentially since then. One of the keys to their success is their online presence and focus on allowing their customers to choose their own specific layouts and page designs for their scrapbooks and photo projects. This customization is achieved at the buyer's discretion through the download of a simple program. The MyPublisher software download is free, and comes with 10 different book styles and 200 distinct page layouts to choose from.

The services provided include variable paper types, layouts, and the typical fare that many online publishers provide. MyPublisher claims rapid service, excellent customer service representation, and a quality product list. Their products are touted by the company as arriving within 4 days of placing a purchase order.  


Cards & Stationery



MyPublisher: What makes it different?

The MyPublisher philosophy seems to be simplicity and self-actualization. The ease in which a prospective buyer may download and use the proprietary software of this company is one of the best selling points. The site itself is user friendly and easy to navigate, making the process of creating and purchasing a photo item simple and direct.

  • Easy to understand instructions for photo item creation. The would-be photo or scrapbook maker may use the MyPublisher software in an intuitive manner to change background colors, text box sizes, and customized pages versus their exhaustive template designs. The software is a quality tool that utilizes simple and direct features such as choosing a favorite selection of fonts and page layouts combined with a wide variety of options such as choosing favorite font types and saving them for immediate usage.
  • Excellent customer service. The MyPublisher staff and customer service agents are well versed in the usage of their software. If the buyer deems it necessary they can literally have a service representative walk them through the photo item creation process.
  • Rapid Delivery. The MyPublisher team can provide very rapid delivery of any photo item, including two day delivery.
  • Online FAQ detailing useful tips and techniques for using their software. The FAQ page for MyPublished lists everything from ways to navigate their software to methods of dealing with common technical errors.
  • Business Stability. Many people do not realize how important this is when purchasing an item from an online publishing firm. There are a large number of fly-by-night photo publishing companies in the world today. MyPublisher is not one of them. They opened their doors in 1995 and they have maintained their business for nearly 17 years to date. If you purchase an item from this company, you will receive what you paid for.
MyPublisher vs. primary competitors (sites similar to MyPublisher)

The online photopublishing industry is a very competitive and moderately saturated marketplace. However, there are several well known companies that readily separate themselves from the crowd. Two of those companies are Adoramapix and MPIX. Each of these companies has their own admirers among the photo printing populace. They both have similar capacities to MyPublisher when it comes to production values and photo item types. However, there are a few key differences.

Adoramapix. This company is often more popular among those who choose to print specific photo items such as wedding photos due to the fact that they use actual photo paper. Their printing quality was seen to be higher than MyPublisher's by a large number of individuals. There are fewer errors in printing according to other individuals. One of the more notable features that Adoramapix offers is customizable picture framing. This is a feature that either MyPublisher does not have or they do not highly focus on this capacity. On the other hand, Adoramapix does not offer the speed of delivery that Mypublisher does. They do not have quite as many standardized designs and templates to work with. They also do not have quite as many options, even if the options they do have are different than Mypublisher's.

MPIX is another well known photo publishing company that is quite popular currently. They focus on the photobook concepts that Mypublisher does, however they also offer customizeable sports cards, home decor, and other fun stuff. They use magazine quality stock paper that can add a professional edge for some types of photo item creation. They also provide opportunities to create anything from customized keychains to magnets and buttons. The downside to this company is that they are not as swift when it comes to delivery, they are more expensive than MyPublisher in general, and they have a much lower maximum page allotment for photo books. In the case of the latter item MPIX has a maximum of 50 pages. MyPublisher allows the buyer to have up to 100 pages in their larger book items.

MyPublisher: Pricing & packages

The overal cost of creating a photo item with Mypublisher varies between specific items. A Deluxe Hardcover photobook with 100 pages of photos may cost upwards of around $250. A 20 page My Mini pocket photobook will cost less than $3 to create before shipping and handling. When these prices are compared with other companies such as Adoramapix and MPIX there are a few give and take scenarioes. In the upper ranges Adoramapix can sometimes be less expensive than Mypublisher depending on the specific sales and special offers available at the time. However, MPIX is fairly structured in its pricing and offers only a low-to-median range when it comes to page allowances. The difference in pricing is much different between these two companies. MYPublisher is clearly less expensive in many instances when compared with MPIX.

A more specific focus on one type of item, such as a photo calendar, shows that the pricing and customization options between MyPublisher and Adoramapix vary greatly. The MyPublisher option listed on their website only cites a 17 X 11 12-month Calendar for $19.99. The Adoramapix options are more variable but they do not offer a calendar on their site beyond a 10 X 10 size. Their 10 X 10 is $29.95 per calendar. However, they do offer an 18-month calendar option for a higher price. In the instance of the 10 X 10 that would bring your purchase price before shipping and handling up to $43.95.

MyPublisher: Product images & screenshots
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MyPublisher: Customer reviews & comments

There are many mixed reviews concerning MyPublisher. A few reviews on Resellerratings.com include both horror stories and glowing recommendations.

A former customer of MyPublisher that stated their name as "Tuesday 12" gave the company one star out of five then went on to say:

Hi everyone this is a real customer from Mypublisher....Yes they have problems and they are a lier. DO NOT BUY OR DOWNLOAD their products. I have a conversation with them "horrible costumer services''

Another customer on the same site who answered to the name "Madaman" decided to go into much greater detail stating both a list of pros and cons for the company. One tidbit of praise included this statement:

I ended up using a combination of creating my own pages and using their default pages. I chose about 4 favorite fonts and used with them throughout the book for uniformity. It was time consuming but a lot of fun to play around with all the options.

Overall MyPublisher offers a great number of options, possibly too many options. Many people who find fault with the company either do not understand how to use the software or run afoul of some sort of pricing issue. Customer service availability also seems to be lacking at times. However, the company does produce high quality work, they send it to your door step at an incredible rate of speed and they do offer options that suit almost any scenario. MyPublisher is worthy of a solid four stars.

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