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There are photos we want to display in the living room or hang in the privacy of our own rooms. They may bear unforgettable personal memories or are favorites from our special repertoire of great pictures. Whatever they are, we want to transform them in cool beautiful canvasses. In the field of producing great canvasses for any pictures, Canvas Lifestyle is a popular name.

Canvas Lifestyle is an online company engaged in services of printing digital image onto top-quality canvass. They have been on business since January, 2011. Despite being young in this field, Canvas Lifestyle has proven to live up to its commitment of producing museum-quality canvasses. They have several options for the size and format of their canvasses, as well as they accept images of up to 30 MB. With their many deals and competitive prices, Canvas Lifestyle has become an instant favorite of many customers.

Canvas Lifestyle: What makes it different?

Here are the best features of Canvas Lifestyle:

  • They accept a variety of images. Pictures can be in .jpg, .tif, .psd, .png and .gif formats. They must be also at least 175 KB and at most 30 MB.
  • They have a good range of canvass sizes, from as small as 8”x8” up to 60”x48”.
  • They offer five layouts: square, portrait (vertical), landscape (horizontal), panoramic (wide), and 3-panel splits.
  • Print effects may be added as desired with no additional charge. It is free!
  • Their six unique effects are: black and white, sepia, pop art, oil painting, pencil drawing, and 4-in-1 which features a single picture in four different effects (in one print).
  • They also have good selections of canvas. They can be: rolled, standard stretch (0.75 in thick), or gallery wrapped stretch (1.5 in thick) with a standard border (picture extending over the border) or canvas colored.
  • They have an easy to navigate website which is very well-organized and informative. Right in the Home Page, an easy four-step instruction for canvass printing is instantly presented.
  • They also have a Facebook page where you can follow them and get updated with their latest product information.
  • They have exceptional customer service.
Canvas Lifestyle vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Canvas Lifestyle)

There are many online businesses involved in canvas-printing and Canvas Lifestyle is relatively new to this business. The huge names in photo labs offer that option today. However, there are companies which specialize only in printing canvasses from digital photos.  The top names in this business are Canvas Pop, Canvas on Demand, and Big Canvas Prints.

Canvas Pop may be the number one customer choice in canvas-printing. There are many positive reviews on their services. They are also more versatile in terms of image upload. Unlike that in Canvas Lifestyle, you may upload photos not only from your computers but also direct from your camera, phone, and even Facebook. They have more effects to choose from and fine-tuning with photos is very fun. The even assign personal designer to you. Shipping is also free, yet their products appear to be more costly.

Canvas on Demand is another leading name in canvas-printing. Ty Pennington, a renowned designer and TV host, endorses them. Reviews on their services are mostly positive too.  Generally, their canvas quality is great, and the wooden frames are secure and sturdy. Ordering and processing is also easy and fast. Package is shipped via FedEx in good wrapping. They appear to have better products and services than Canvas Lifestyle.

Big Canvas Prints is another popular choice. As the name suggests, their canvasses are much bigger, up to 60”x120”. Unlike Canvas Lifestyle, they have better pricing scheme. On their website, you can see their different formats and sizes, along with their prices. This is really cool since you can already choose the specifications you want for your canvas before uploading the image.

Canvas Lifestyle: Pricing & packages

Price depends on canvas size and format. It starts as low as $9 only. They accept payments through major cards like MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and others. They even accept Paypal.

A variety of Canvas Lifestyle codes or coupons for 2011 may be available. Some Canvas Lifestyle offers may be the “dollars off” variety, while other discounts may offer a “percent off” type of coupon. Some Canvas Lifestyle offers may be coupon codes that apply only to a specific product or group of products.

Lastly, shipping is free for orders over $120 through Fed Ex Ground in as little as 1-2 days. For those who would not be satisfied with their output, Canvas Lifestyle offers 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Canvas Lifestyle: Product images & screenshots
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Canvas Lifestyle: Customer reviews & comments

Many customers are very satisfied with the services of Canvas Lifestyle. Here are some of their positive reviews:

“The picture I selected was already in sepia tone and the color was warmer and more vibrant than the original file had been.  I hung the print on the wall in my entryway and it fits in perfectly with the rest of my beachy decor.  And everytime I look at it, I get a warm, happy feeling thinking about all the wonderful memories we have had in Sanibel!” – Meredith

"Got my first canvas in the mail yesterday. STUNNING! I'm very impressed with the quality. This one's a gift for my Daughter-in-law. After seeing this beautiful canvas...I need one!!!" - Janet A., MO

However, there are also those who are unsatisfied with their services. Here is one negative feedback about Canvas Lifestyle:

“After my initial order confirmation, Canvas Lifestyle never contacted me again. I never got a shipping notification, tracking number - nothing. I had no idea if I or my parents were even going to get our prints. Nearly every online company sends this information. I expected more.” – SagaciousB

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great review, voted

I haven't done any product review yet but this is a superb work Sir Guims.

You have done an amazing job with this one.

This is a truly well done review.

Excellent review. Well researched and well done. Voted up.

Lovely Connie

Canvas Lifestyle Review & Coupon: Photos on Canvas Reviews - is so perfect today especially the Christmas session is near. This is the time for being kind, to forgive and to love. We can do all this in a simply way by giving a unique and wonderful photos on canvas to your love ones. This good for decoration display in your home/room and best for memorable gift photos.

By Lovely Digital Photos on Canvas

Jared Flegal

Canvas prints are a great addition to any home!

Jared Flegal

Canvas prints are a great addition to any home!

Jared Flegal

Canvas prints are a great addition to any home!

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